Women need pockets, too.


After reading a good number of articles about the need for pockets in women's clothing (including The Gender Politics of Pockets on The Atlantic, and Pockets Are a Tool of the Patriarchy on The Nopebook), I decided to take action. The result is Women's Clothes with Pockets, a Pinterest board full of awesome women's fashion with ample pockets - many of which are available for purchase. Enjoy!

The Cook and the Chef: Elon Musk's Secret Sauce

"The difference between the way Elon thinks and the way most people think is kind of like the difference between a cook and a chef. The words “cook” and “chef” seem kind of like synonyms. And in the real world, they’re often used interchangeably. But in this post, when I say chef, I don’t mean any ordinary chef. I mean the trailblazing chef—the kind of chef who invents recipes. And for our purposes, everyone else who enters a kitchen—all those who follow recipes—is a cook.

- Wait Buy Why

Communal living in Japan

"On a double suburban lot in Tokyo, the Office of Ryue Nishizawa built a neighborhood-scaled, flexible-format minimalist steel prefab compound for Yasuo Moriyama—a very private individual with a powerful social bent—and six rental tenants. Every room is its own building—even Moriyama's bath is a freestanding box. Here, tradition and innovation interweave to create a new kind of community. Moriyama says, 'This space gives you the freedom to do anything you like, and it makes you want to.'"

Dwell Magazine

The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero

I could read this book 100 times.

I could read this book 100 times.

"Design’s ability to connect requires it to be in the middle position. The work’s qualities are defined by the characteristics of what surrounds it, like how the negative space between two closely placed parallel lines creates a third line. We’re that third line, frequently shifting in order to serve and respond to the elements around us. As the elements connected by design change, so, too, does the design. The field is in flux, always being neither this nor that, which makes it frustrating to try to pin down. It is, like all shape-shifters, evasive and slippery." 

-Frank Chimero, The Shape of Design